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Why Gundrill?

Gundrilling provides an efficient alternative to conventional drilling techniques in several situations. Applications that require depths in excess of three times the drill diameter, critical hole straightness, close-tolerance diameters, and high-quality surface finishes are ideal candidates for gundrilling.


Accurate Drilling is a division of Cox Machine, Inc. Cox Machine has more than 45 years of experience in the production of precision machined parts. Through Accurate Drilling and Cox Machine, we are able to provide a complete line of machining services.


We Proudly use DeHoff deep-hole drilling systems.

  • .Numerical-controlled DeHoff
    1.5” diameter x 60” depth capacity.
  • Numerical-controlled DeHoff
    2“ diameter x 36” depth capacity.
  • Twin DeHoff .75” diameter x 18” depth capacity


By combining our experience and technology, we're able to achieve incredible results for our customers.

  • .256” diameter x 24“ depth capacity in heat-treated stainless steel.
  • .954” diameter x 37” depth capacity in heat-treated stainless steel.

What Our Customers Say

“FMW has been doing business with Accurate Drilling for close to five years. In our experience we could not ask for a better group of men to be doing business with. Accurate has always communicated well with FMW personal regarding concerns or any possible improvements to the quality of the gun drilling in our components. Accurate’s pricing and lead time has always been competitive and with their track record of quality, FMW looks forward to continuing our business with them well into the future. FMW would not hesitate to recommend Accurate Drilling for any and all of your gun drilling needs!”

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